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Elite Global Funding, Inc is a Florida Based company specializing in the funding of major projects for $2million and up. (See the Navigation bar at the left.)

In addition, we purchase  Privately held Notes and fund  Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders and Asset Based Loans.

Frequently businesses have cash flow problems; we can help address those situations with a variety of approaches that do not require you to go into debt. 
Elite Global Funding, Inc can assist you in acquiring working capital : 

-To expand and grow your business 
-To buy materials for your next project 
-To make the next payroll on time 

Your company’s Development, Growth and Success are our Goals!

Are you an individual who is:
-Currently receiving payments on a debt owed to you?
-Holding a Mortgage on a Property or Business you SOLD?
-Receiving a Structured Settlement?
-Receiving Lottery Winnings?
-Receiving Payments on a Note for the sale of Marine or Aircraft?
-Or one of the many other types of Debt ?

Elite Global Funding, Inc can provide you with lump sums of cash that may better suit your needs than the periodic payments you are currently receiving.
Receiving a lump sum could allow you:   

-To pay all of your debts 
-To buy your dream home
-To invest for a better return on your money 
-To pay for your child’s college education
-To fulfill many other dreams. 

Our unique financial Services have helped many people and businesses to expand their possibilities. 
Elite Global Funding, Inc is committed to Assisting Our Clients with all of their Cash Flow Requirements.


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