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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Funding, also known as factoring, is where your accounts receivable are exchanged for cash. Factoring is the process of purchasing accounts receivable from a business at a discount. Accounts receivable are created when an invoice is issued for the delivery of a product or after the rendering of a service that extends terms to the customer. These terms can extend from 30 to 90 days. We will purchase these invoices and advance up to 85% of the invoice amount to you and the balance is kept in a reserve. When your customer pays the invoice you will receive the remaining balance, minus a nominal fee. 

Factoring is not a loan. There is no debt created so there is no monthly payment, no compromise to your balance sheet, no long-term agreements or delays associated with other methods of raising capital. Factoring allows you to use your own hard earned assets to create cash for the growth needs of your company today. The benefits of factoring are apparent for small to medium sized companies but almost any company can benefit from:

  •  Increased cash flow 
  •  Flexible cash flow solutions 
  •  Sustainable growth without outside investors 
  •  Suppliers' early payment discounts 
  •  Continuous monitoring of your customers satisfaction and credit status 

 The money is cash without borrowing. Funds are available immediately upon presentation of invoices and backup documentation. You don't need to go to the bank and re-negotiate a loan every time you need money. The amount of cash available is directly related to your monthly sales volume. Bookkeeping is simplified and factoring your receivables eliminates you from being both the supplier and collector. Factoring your receivables will save you time and increase your ability to service more clients.


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