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Structured Settlements

In the process of negotiating a successful litigation claim very often individuals agree to a Structured Settlement, which pays them their award in installments, usually over several years.

A Structured Settlement is an alternative to a lump sum cash payment in the resolution of personal injury, wrongful death, or workers' compensation cases. Many individuals who have settled an insurance claim are receiving periodic payments in the form of a Structured Settlement. In many cases, Structured Settlement recipients or "Claimants" cannot afford to wait out the terms of their settlement and have a need for the cash now. These needs may include:

  •  Debt Consolidation

  •  Down payment on a home

  •  College Education

  •  Investment opportunity

  •  Medical Emergency

Which can be addressed by advance funding through our Structured Settlement Program. 

Contact us today if you're thinking about selling a Structured Settlement for cash.


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